Daniel Smith was once just a normal boy, until, some time in 2007, he was attacked by the Zakatrons. With Liam’s knowledge of cyborg-biology, he was reborn into Dan the Cyborg. However, this meant a loss of memory of his previous life and a complete lack of emotions save persistent attempts to assume happiness.

He lived with Liam, unknown to his worried family – his mum, dad and sister, Hannah. When Hannah discovered the truth, she urged Liam to bring Dan back to his family, but Liam flatly refused, worried for the reaction of the Smiths, but also selfishly hoping to keep Dan on his team as the (at the time) only surviving member.

In 2009, Dan unconsciously merged his DNA with a key to the centre of the Earth, which held a weapon called the Sun Destroyer that the Zakatrons desperately craved.

As a result of this, he was thrown into the centre of the Earth in 2010 by the creatures who had inflicted his condition upon him in the first place. However, the irony lay in the fact that he had been electrocuted earlier and, more importantly, shot in the back by a lone Zakatron, which kicked his memories and humanity back into function.

Dan died saving the world, but his legacy continues. The effect he had on Agent Mortis is ever present, with the assassin showing to have visibly softened since the event. On Judgement Day, Mortis admitted that was fighting “for Dan”.

Dan made an incredible number of pets over the years, and named them accordingly:
Toby the Hamster
Bob the Flower Alien
Jessica the Flower Alien
George the Flower Alien
Martin the Orb

Played by:
Sebastian Treacy

First Appearance:
1.1 Agent Liam

Latest Appearance:
2.6: Best Kept Secret

Total Episodes:
1.1-2.6: 15 Episodes